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Voldrair, Master of Illusions

🐉Voldrair, Master of Illusions, oniric dragon created for my past Kickstarter campaign Nemesis Dragons Sovereigs. High detail dragon model. Print it for your personal miniatures collection, use it in your Dungeons and Dragons adventures or practice your painting skills. Its detail and well proportioned anatomy makes it look realistic and plausible.



  • ✔️16 parts.

  • ✔️Dimensions and weight: 200x180mm, 178grams.

  • ✔️Easy assembly. Glue required.

  • ✔️Suitable for painting.

  • ✔️Resin color: Grey.

  • ✔️Designed and sculpted by Dragolisco, Printed by Scale75.



  • ✔️16 parts (STL files), 3.1 million polygons in total, decimated.

  • ✔️Resulting miniature dimensions and weight: 200x180mm, 178grams.

  • ✔️Easy to print and paint.

  • ✔️Print it, paint it and offer it as a Birthday or Christmas present to a person you love!

  • This miniatures comes in pieces and it requires assembly with a plastics glue (Loctite or similar). It's recommended even some filling between pieces for a perfect look.

  • Once assembled, it is fragile and it will break if it falls off a table or any other high surface, as any other big miniature of this kind.


  • Free shipping worldwide. It will take 3-5 days to process the order, and 2-3 weeks to deliver (unpainted version). 4-6 weeks delivery time for painted version. Free tracked shipping.

Returns and refunds

  • Although there's no return policy, if the package gets lost, we can either re-ship it or issue a refund. If the miniature arrives broken, we can replace and re-ship the broken piece. 

  • Contact email for re-shipments/refunds is


Voldrair made his debut in the Nemesis Dragons playing cards, a deck of playing cards that was released on Kickstarter on 2019. He takes the place of the King of Spades.

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