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Dragon Art Classes

Learn to create your own dragons with Juan Arrabal

Learn how to bring them to life in your own fantasy universe. We will create PLAUSIBLE dragons, and at the same time, I'm make sure that, throught the dragons, you will recover the desire to do what you are most passionate about: Drawing.


🔹You will learn a new skill (drawing dragons), and you will perfect it.🔹

🔹You will DEFEAT that artistic block that is bringing you down.🔹

🔹If you take my clases long enough, I'll make sure I'll ramp you up to my level!🔹


How Dragons can help you as Artist?

Drawing dragons is a pure exercise of creativity. Learning to draw them will also teach you:


How the muscles of a fantasy creature, made of integrated pieces of real creatures, work.


Dragons are non-existing creatures that, at the same time, don't lack realism. Learning to draw dragons will teach you to create fictional yet plausible fantasy creatures.


An artistic block is like a close door that doesn't let the inspiration flow through. We will open that door by understanding learning how to create the most powerful, majestic, creative and limitless creatures in any fantasy world.

This is the upward spiral of the art profession to ESCAPE the artistic block/lack-of-skill:

Because let's be honest

If you don't find joy in LEARNING and PRACTICE is not within your priorities, you won't IMPROVE, and therefore, you won't get the necessary SATISFACTION to continue learning.

Why should I be your teacher?

Every progress requires learning, and you WON'T make progress if you don't LIKE that learning.

I'll make sure you ENJOY my teachings, I'll make sure you LEARN and you PROGRESS.

I want to immerse you in an upward spiral of

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