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Now on Kickstarter, until October 21st!

Create an army of dragons!

Majesty of Dragons is tactical auction based board game for 2 players, Make the greatest tribute offering and dragons will join you in order to defeat your opponent by achieving of the 5 possible victories!


The dragons

All dragons will be displayed in high quality varnished tarot size cards (120x70 cm). There are 40 dragons in total, and 4 different types, each one with their own properties and bonuses. Select them carefully according to your game strategy,

The launching date has been postponed to the 21st of September 2022!

How to play

At the beginnig of each turn, both players receive 4 Dragon Tribute (the currency). Each turn has 3 phases:

1. Offering phase

Both players participate simultaneously. They compete to get the best dragons by offering their tribute, following an auctioning mechanic.

2. Combat phase

If you feel strong enough you can attack your opponent to try to cut off their strategy and even achieve the Domination Victory. 

3. Progress phase

If you have tribute left, you can use it to buy Progress cards and to recruit Dragonlords. Or maybe save it for later.

How win

5 possible victories:

  • Domination: Kill 5 enemy dragons.

  • Majestic: Achieve a majesty value of 20.

  • Nemesis: Control 5 Nemesis Dragons.

  • Lord of Tribute: hold 30 tribute tokens.

  • Sudden death: Be the player with the most majesty when the dragon deck runs out.

Dragon lords

Some of them are humans. Others, avatars of the dragons themselves. Even the legendary eagle men known as the Tsunak. But they are all special characters that can define your game strategy, grant bonuses to your dragons and allow combos. There are 24 in total, but since they add nothing but value to the game, the number can go up to 40 as we achieve the campaign stretchgoals.

Check out the complete dragon lords list in different languages (click on the flag):

The Archdragon

Morrum Khar, the Archdragon, the most powerful dragon in the game, will have his own 200m tall high detail resin statue, as a special reward. Suitable for painting. Assembly required.

The author

My name is Juan Arrabal, also known as Dragolisco, and I'm the designer and artist behind Majesty of Dragons. I've always been passionate about fantasy worlds and game mechanics, and after working as artist on another successful Kickstarter board game, The Isle of Cats, I decided to create and launch my own board game. 

Please feel free to explore my site and discover more about me and what I do. For any questions about the game, please contact me on Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy this dragon board game!

Follow the link below and click on the Notify me on Launch button to know when the project is live!