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Nemesis Dragons

Custom dragon poker playing cards



High quality dragon poker playing cards, GOLD VERSION. The perfect gift for someone special! This pack contains 2 decks:

  • Dragons of Good deck

  • Dragons of Evil deck


Each deck has 55 smooth and very durable cards, with colorful dragon illustrations, 3 jokers and a beautiful golden edge. They are combinable. Not sold separately.


Visit the Kickstarter page to see how this project was born! 

Also, visit my Etsy store to see the reviews of this product:

Out of stock.

King of Diamonds

Dragon resin statue.


Magnificent 20cm tall highly detailed resin King of Diamonds dragon. Suitable for painting.

  • Not assembled. It's separated in 10 pieces. Glue for miniatures is required.

  • Resin color: Grey

This miniature is not a toy, and it's not suitable for children, as it cointains small pieces. Shipping time: 1-2 weeks to Europe and UK, 3-4 weeks to USA and rest of the world. Tracked shipping.

  • Designed by Juan Arrabal (Dragolisco).

  • Modeled by Alfonso Prieto.

  • Printed by David Arévalo.

  • Casted by Scale 75.

  • Limited to 10 units.

Out of stock.

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Todas las cartas evil N.jpg
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