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Nemesis Dragons: Sovereigns will be available in summer 2023 on Kickstarter!

Print your own Nemesis Dragons statues

Nemesis Dragons: Sovereigns is a set of four magnificent dragon statues for your miniature or roleplaying games, or just as a piece of collection. Get them in their high detail 200mm tall resin physical miniature versions, or print them yourself by getting the digital .STL files!

Voldrair, the Master of Illusion. Designed and sculpted by Dragolisco.

Telquitzan, the Guardian of the Sacred Flame. Designed and sculpted by Dragolisco.

Endragoross, the Deity of the Wild. Designed and sculpted by Dragolisco.

Namradon, the Dimensions Traveler. Designed by Dragolisco and sculpted by Alfonso Prieto.

Which is the quality I should expect?

The only dragon that is physical at this moment is Namradon, the Dimensions Traveler. It has been printed with a fine detail 3D printer. In the photos below you can see the quality you should expect for the physical 3D statues.

These miniatures come in pieces and they require assembly with a plastics glue (Loctite or similar). It's recommended even some filling between pieces for a perfect look.


Once assembled, they are fragile and they will break if they fall off a table or any other high surface, as any other big miniature of this kind.

How much will they cost?

The set of the 4 digital .STL files will cost $45. Each of the dragons in its 200mm tall resin miniature version will cost $90 (these prices are just a reference, as they need to be adjusted before launching the Kickstarter campaign).

Who are the Nemesis Dragons?


The first appearance of the Nemesis Dragons was in a set of playing cards of the same name I released on Kickstarter in 2019 (link here). The most magnificent dragons of every suit were the kings, and since one of them already had its physical 3D version, I thought it was a good idea to sculpt the other 3. Many people have been asking for the .STL file to print it themselves, and that's also another reason why I'm launching this campaign. I honestly hope you like these dragons!

The Author

My name is Juan Arrabal, also known as Dragolisco. I'm a 2D and 3D artist from Spain almost 100% focused on dragons. Thanks to all the people who believe in my projects I've been able to make dragons my way of living.

Please feel free to explore my site and discover more about me and what I do. For any questions, please contact me on


Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy this magnificent collection of dragons!

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