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Namradon, the Dimensions Traveler


Main features

  • This kit contains 10 parts to assembly a 200mm tall high detail gold dragon resin miniature.

  • The dragon comes unpainted, but we can paint it for you if you want! (select the option in your cart).

  • On-demand painting. Please take into account that your order will take 3-4 more weeks if you select this option, as we will need some time to paint it.

  • Free tracked shipping worldwide.

  • Resin color: Grey.

  • A perfect add-on for your wargames, role-playing games or your personal miniature collection.

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  • This miniatures comes in pieces and it requires assembly with a plastics glue (Loctite or similar). It's recommended even some filling between pieces for a perfect look.

  • Once assembled, it is fragile and it will break if it falls off a table or any other high surface, as any other big miniature of this kind.


  • Free shipping worldwide. It will take 3-5 days to process the order, and 2-3 weeks to deliver (unpainted version). 4-6 weeks delivery time for painted version. Free tracked shipping.

Returns and refunds

  • Although there's no return policy, if the package gets lost, we can either re-ship it or issue a refund. If the miniature arrives broken, we can replace and re-ship the broken piece. 

  • Contact email for re-shipments/refunds is


The following extract belongs to the board game Majesty of Dragons.

Namradon is one of the greatest and most splendorous gold dragons, a master of the arcane arts and leader of the Nemesis Dragons of Good. He is known to be able to travel through space and time, visiting different dimensions, and jumping millenia into the future in the blink of an eye.

Namradon was not originally a Nemesis Dragon, but the sovereign gold dragon of an ancestral city, devastated 18000 years ago by the First Dragon Rage Event, a war between dragons, a cataclysm that shattered the whole world. 


After the tragedy, a group of alien dragons, the Nemesis Dragons, appeared in the world through a dimensional portal, taking Namradon with them back into their realm, where time elapses slower.

Two more Dragon Rage Events took place with the pass of the millenia.

When 18000 years later the Nemesis Dragons appeared again, Namradon was not the same. He was bigger, wiser and mightier, and above all, he became a Nemesis Dragon, and one of few was able to open the Nemesis Portal.

With his new allies and power, Namradon was determined to end all wars between dragons and avoid their cataclysms. This means he has to fight the current Archdragon: Morrum Khar, and end his reign of terror.


Namradon is the second strongest dragon in Majesty of Dragons, after Morrum Khar, and he has his own card.

Namradon made his debut in the Nemesis Dragons playing cards, a deck of playing cards that was released on Kickstarter on 2019. He takes the place of the King of Diamonds.

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